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Need a job in Milan? Then you have come to the right place at the right time. On our site there is enough work for men and women. Moreover, here you can find part-time jobs for students or full-time jobs for anyone. The language barrier will not always be an obstacle either, since you can get a job in Italy without speaking Italian. Our website has all kinds of work for foreigners in Milan. It also offers excellent conditions for english-speaking freelancers and for people who are professionals in a certain field, like: moving and transporting stuff, repairing, work at exhibitions for models and hostesses, etc. In order to find a job in Milan, follow new tasks, complete them, and earn yourself a good rating.

Looking for an assistant?

What kinds of professions can be found here? Nearly all freelancers in Milan are on It is also a great site to look for all the household services in Milan. You can leave a request on the site indicating all the nuances of the work that needs to be done. It can be room cleaning, repair of apartments and offices, moving help, inexpensive room whitewashing, etc. As for the professions, we have many qualified specialists, among whom you can find a nurse, a cook, a gardener, a loader, a photographer, a videographer, a designer, a makeup artist, a shopping assistant, a groomer, etc. In the special section you can find all tourist services. If you need translators and guides, you can use the services of professional performers. You can also order a transfer to any place you like, as well as excursions, gastronomic tours, etc. You can also rent apartments cheaply on our website. The price is reduced due to the possibility of direct cooperation with property owners in Milan. Thus, you can rent a room without brokerage at a decent price. Do not know how much a particular service will cost to you? Everything is pretty clear. We have a very convenient function that is known as free online calculation. Thanks to this function, you can find out how much the photographer, nanny or any other assistant will cost you.