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Milan job offers for part-time, full-time e seasonal works | Best deals

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Want to find a job in Italy? has job openings in many different fields. You can choose the right type of job, depending on your own preferences and skills.
What kind of work is there for foreigners in Italy? If you speak Italian fluently, you can easily make a decent amount of money. However, even if you don’t speak Italian, you can still find a suitable job for yourself, as language barrier isn’t always a problem. Work without knowledge of the language is no less popular in Italy. It is relevant in the case when the employer himself isn’t from Italy or is ready to pay you for language courses.
In case you study and can’t work all day, there is plenty of student jobs, and part-time jobs. You can make a fair amount of money in just a couple hours, as long as you work regularly. Free all day long? Then get a full-time job.

Seasonal jobs are also quite popular in Italy. It’s a lot easier to get it than a full-time job. With the beginning of the tourist season in the Italian resort towns, service personnel are required in hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. Most of the time it’s a full-time job.
If you are interested in a small part-time job for english-speakers, then hourly paid jobs are an ideal choice. In Italy, you can work for several hours as a nanny, a dog sitter, a cat sitter, a translator and so on. Thus, you can make money in your free time.
There is always enough job for foreigners on our portal. Employers regularly post new jobs with the description of the necessary details. You can respond to a job offer whenever you like if you are interested. The employer will consider your candidacy and make a decision. offers jobs in Milan for every category of citizens. Both men and women can find good jobs here. Besides, the site offers vacancies for students without work experience and special skills and knowledge of the language. If you need an assistant in any field, then you can look at our website for a complete list of high-class specialists in Milan. These are workers from various fields of activity - from the beauty industry and domestic help to builders and travel services. For your information, the site has a service of preliminary calculation of the cost of each specialist.