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For those who are in search of work

We have great news for everyone who wants to find work in Rome. has many vacancies for english-speaking freelancers, nurses, photographers, and people of different professions.

There is always work for men and women on our website. As for the work schedule, several options are available for you, depending on the planned employment. It is easy to find part-time jobs for students or get a full-time job. Job in Rome does not always imply mastery of the Italian language. It’s more than real to find a job in Italy without knowing Italian, you just need to find English-speaking employers.

What work is there for foreigners in Rome? There are all types of jobs. If you are a specialist in any field, you can easily find a profitable job for yourself. One example of such specialization is low-cost moving and transportation of stuff. If you are a teacher, you could start a tutoring business. If you have a good appearance, then you could try working as an exhibition model or a hostess. And if you speak Italian well enough, you can try working as a translator for foreign guests.

How to find assistants and hire qualified employees?

Our site has a large number of specialists. All popular professions and services are widely represented on our site.

All freelancers in Rome with good ratings work here. On our site, you can find a child nurse and even someone to look after your pet (dog sitters and cat sitters). All of the household services in Rome are also introduced, including: room cleaning, repair of apartments and offices, cheap room whitewashing, etc. We also have all kinds of tourist services: tours, boat trips, wine tastings, etc. Experienced translators and guides are also at your service. Renting apartments cheaply is also an option. In addition, you can rent a room without brokerage for both short and long term.

You do not have to guess on how much a photographer or other specialist costs. A free online calculation is available for you, so you can easily calculate the cost of the desired service.