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Rome house and office cleaning services | Cooking, ironing clothes | Windows washing

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    Cleaning of the apartment

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    Deep Apartment Cleaning

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Housekeeping is a laborious and regular matter. Among the many services that may come in handy for the housework, one of the most popular is the cleaning of apartments and offices. In this category you can order help from those who have great experience in this field, and who will get the work done efficiently, quickly and cheaply.
Specialists who offer their services on our website are distinguished by a responsible approach to completing tasks; moreover, they individually select floor cleaners for every room, in order to avoid property damage, scratches and other troubles.

Using our website, you can find an assistant who will take care of the general cleaning of the apartment or house. If you do not want to completely clean the house by yourself, you can entrust only part of the duties to the specialists. If you want to take care of your lawn, garden, and flowerbed, hire a gardener. In case you need help with cooking, invite a cook. If you do not have enough time to take care of clothes and linen, you need a person to whom you can entrust all the washing. And that’s where special who can take care of ironing clothes and linen come in handy. All the nuances of the upcoming work should be described in detail, so that the performers know what needs to be done.
Sometimes cleaning is required not only for residential premises, but also for work rooms. In this case, the following services are popular: cleaning warehouses and retail premises, offices, dining rooms, restrooms, washing windows, displays and shop windows, maid services. All this and more can be done by professional workers, who are easy to find on

Every job seeker in Rome can easily find a suitable job at There are different conditions for foreigners with work experience and different levels of knowledge. You can find part-time or full-time jobs. Knowledge of Italian is not a prerequisite. Most residents of Rome are looking for specialists on our website. Here you can see the offers of services from experts with high ratings and reviews. A preliminary online calculation works on our website so that everyone can accurately calculate the cost of upcoming services.