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Job offers in Turin | Part time and Full time

Many seek to find work in Turin, because in terms of population this city is in fourth place among others in Italy. It is also distinguished by high economic indicators. Accordingly, there is a lot of job in Turin.

There are different employment options. There is work for both men and women. Earnings depend on your education, skills, physical form, mental abilities and the time you are willing to spend on the job. In Italy, both full-time and hourly work is available. It’s easy to find part-time jobs for students.

Housekeepers, waiters, nurses, doctors, badante, locksmiths, electricians are the most popular jobs for foreigners in Turin. Work at exhibitions for models and hostesses is no less demanded. The site also has vacancies for english-speaking freelancers.

Translators and guides are always needed in Turin, as well as all tourist services. Even if you do not speak Italian, you can work without knowing the language in Italy, since there are english-speaking employers in Turin.

How to find services or offer work to performers?

If you are looking for someone who could help you by providing their services, then you need professional performers. At Lavorster.com, each one of them has a rating, so you can easily choose the right candidate.

There are all kinds of domestic services available for you in Turin:room cleaning, moving and transporting stuff, repair of apartments and offices, painting, pasting and whitewashing of rooms at a decent price, etc. You can also use the services of a nurse, gardener, cook, or any other specialist that will help you with the housework.

If you need a web designer, a website developer, a copywriter, a virtual assistant or an IT specialist, all the freelancers in Turin registered on our site are at your service.

Interested in renting apartments cheaply? Then it is here that you will be able to rent a room without brokerage at a bargain price.

A free online calculation is available on our site, so you can calculate the price of a photographer, videographer, trainer, nanny or any other specialist.